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ABOUT : Online Source Code Formatter and Beautifier

Do you have a blog or just want to post your source code into a webpage, but suddenly you notice that your source code did not match from original, or some characters are not viewed properly.
Maybe your are familiar in this situation when you try to post this code <b> HOW TO MAKE YOUR TEXT BOLD </b> , what happening is this HOW TO MAKE YOUR TEXT BOLD , that is very awful. Or you know how to format you code but is very time consuming to replace a certain character to the corresponding entity name.
So this website offers you the code formatter or Beautifier to make your source code readable, formatted and doesn’t compile by your browser. “But how can I format by source code?” that a great question and the great solution is just follow the 3 easy steps:
  • STEP 1 : PASTE YOUR SOURCE CODE HERE - This online code formatter needs your source code to be paste inside the text area bellow.
  • STEP 2 : CLICK GENERATE - Then after pasting just click the generate button!
  • STEP 3 : COPY THE FORMATTED - CODELastly Copy all the html code bellow and paste it to your blogs, emails, or any website page.
So how easy it is? So what are your waiting for? Use this code formatter now. Thank you.


<!DOCTYPE html>

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